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On Linux and other POSIX platforms, the emulator is installed from the source code, available at the SourceForge download page, or the most recent state of the code can be downloaded from SVN with the following command:

svn co

In addition to the standard development tools (a recent version of the GNU C/C++ compiler, binutils, etc.), you need the following packages:

Once these are installed, you can edit the file 'SConstruct' in the top level source directory for setting compiler flags etc., and run the command 'scons' for building the emulator. The resulting executable files (plus4emu and tapconv) can be copied to any directory that is in the PATH; on MacOS X, an .app package is created in ''.
When installing the first time, you also need to set up configuration files and ROM images:

It is possible to reinstall configuration files later by running the 'makecfg' utility.


A binary package with an installer is available at the SourceForge download page. To install, just run the executable, and follow the instructions. When asked if configuration files should be reinstalled, click 'OK' when installing the first time, but this step can be skipped in later installations to preserve the configuration.

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